I am working on a project where the client has taken subscription of Magento Enterprise Cloud Edition.

I know that Magento Enterprise Cloud Edition enables us to use the following three types of environments, i.e. integration, staging, and production.

I want to a clone of production environment in my machine. Is it possible to do so?

  • Any solution got for this ? – Ajay Patel Sep 20 '17 at 12:22

To cover the question in details. I'll break them into multiple sections.

1. Clone the environment to your local

This is not possible that I've known of, you are expected to set up your own local development environment.

More information regarding the software version on Magento Cloud can be found here: http://devdocs.magento.com/guides/v2.2/cloud/project/project-conf-files_magento-app.html

2. Clone the code/application to your local

Magento Cloud has a Git endpoint so you would be able to do a Git clone to your local. Make sure you run composer install to install relevant packages.

3. Clone the database to your local

Since only Magento Cloud server has access to the database and there is no write permission on the server itself to produce a database dump on the server - you would need to channel your MySQL connection via SSH connection to do a database dump. The information for your database connection should be in app/etc/env.php

More information on how do a database dump via SSH tunnel can be found here: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/2989724/how-to-mysqldump-remote-db-from-local-machine

4. Clone the media to your local

Since it lives on Magento Cloud which you should have SSH access to. It would be as simple as do a scp to copy the directory back to your local environment. An example would be

scp -r ssh_username@magento_cloud:/app/pub/media /your/local/path

Please note on production environment it could be

scp -r ssh_username@magento_cloud:/app/{your_unique_id}/pub/media /your/local/path

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