Writing some REST API bits and going to use Guzzle, which I have used many times before.

The issue I am coming across is, I know Guzzle has to take the configuration via parameters when constructing it, but when using dependency injection to instantiate Guzzle in my model, I can't then set the configuration parameters on it.

Whats the best way to handle this?



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Magento doesn't provide a centralize way to make api REST call to external services.
I worked with lot of customers, developers always use their own REST implementation using multiple libraries like Guzzle, Curl, Zend...

That's why I recommand you to use this module to industialize your REST API call through Guzzle library: https://github.com/zepgram/module-rest

  • Prevent code duplication with a basic implementation in di.xml (only 1 class to create)
  • Centralize all your REST web service under the same configuration
  • Benefits built-in registry and cache system to ensure and secure performance
  • Include a generic logger with a debug mode option to retrieve parameters, request and result
  • Declare your request and result as a json serialized or not, avoiding multiple implementation of the serializer

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