What does a product that is not found return in terms of Object?

I'm loading a product like the following:

$man_collection = Mage::getModel('catalog/category')
    ->addAttributeToFilter('status', 1)
    ->addAttributeToFilter('visibility', 4)
    // ->getSelect()->limit(1);
        array('attribute' => 'color', 'eq' => '1049')

Assuming that this specific product with this color code 1049 does not exist in the database, how can I validate it? If I try


it still returns Object. So is there a way to validate this? Like "if product with color code 1049 found proceed, else echo not found"


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You can check the size of your collection:

if ($man_collection->getSize()) {
} else {
    echo "not found";

Explaination here: Difference between getSize() and count() on collection

Edit: tested for 750 products


  • Total Incl. Wall Time (microsec): 67,567 microsecs
  • Total Incl. CPU (microsecs): 67,599 microsecs
  • Total Incl. MemUse (bytes): 11,719,168 bytes
  • Total Incl. PeakMemUse (bytes): 11,648,152 bytes
  • Number of Function Calls: 1,047


  • Total Incl. Wall Time (microsec): 6,371 microsecs
  • Total Incl. CPU (microsecs): 4,402 microsecs
  • Total Incl. MemUse (bytes): 140,816 bytes
  • Total Incl. PeakMemUse (bytes): 96,000 bytes
  • Number of Function Calls: 191

$collection->count() or sizeof($collection)

  • Total Incl. Wall Time (microsec): 2,130,568 microsecs
  • Total Incl. CPU (microsecs): 2,080,617 microsecs
  • Total Incl. MemUse (bytes): 12,899,872 bytes
  • Total Incl. PeakMemUse (bytes): 13,002,256 bytes
  • Number of Function Calls: 101,073
  • Thank you!!! I wanted to see if the Object is empty in terms of data. If it's empty or not it will always return Object. But if it does not contain data the $collection->getData() is the function I was looking for.
    – Stefanos
    Commented Jun 21, 2017 at 9:20
  • Understand, but use getData()only on (collection) objects, but for collections itself you should go with getSize() :)
    – sv3n
    Commented Jun 21, 2017 at 10:03

To answer your question to why you still get the response as an object even if the collection does not contain any products...
A product collection is an object by itself. It contains a lot of things other than an array (not really an array) of products.
It contains references to the tables involved in the query, the query, db connection and a lot others.


You can try this-

   //products found
   // products not found

Got it.!

It is:


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