I have logged into the admin panel of Magento 2, gone to products->catalog and have set the 'per page' limit to 900.

My Magento instance can't return 900 records in one page so it crashes, and a div with a spinner remains active after an error message appears saying 'Attention: Something went wrong' - so I can't revise the 900 to a more suitable number.

I've tried clearing cache/client cookies, etc - but nothing is happening. I can't seem to find where the catalog product grid limit value is being stored.

Please if someone can assist, it would be good.


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It seems your grid preference is saved in bookmark table

Go to your database and find ui_bookmark table

find the namespace entry with product_listing and remove current or both current and default. Don't worry magento will generate the default again runtime

  • Thanks @userpk - I edited the record and now it's working; that's the only table I didn't look in :)
    – BAF
    Commented Jun 14, 2017 at 10:12

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