If I set up two websites Website1 and Website2 on a single domain, is it possible to switch between them using a URL change e.g. equivalent of adding "?___store="? I want to be able to quickly check Website2 if I am currently on Website1.

There are three websites, three store views.

Website Name; Store View Name

  • company_gbp; company_gbp_en
  • company_usd; company_usd_en
  • company_eur; company_eur_en

Entering http://www.company.com/?___store=company_usd or http://www.company.com/?___store=company_usd_en doesn't show me the US store as I'd expect.

Where am I going wrong? Thanks, I have search everywhere to answer this!

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Exactly that way.


This only works, if <url> exists in the store, if not you should get a 404.

  • Thanks Fabian. Try as I might I can't get it to work for me. I will update my question to make it more explicit.
    – darrylxxx
    Apr 18, 2014 at 12:41

I found my own answer, so posting it here for some other poor unfortunate that needs it (I tore my hair out for days).

Using the notation in my question: http://www.company.com/company_usd_en goes to the USA site. http://www.company.com/company_usd_en/product-one.html goes to a product on the USA site.

Seems so obvious now!

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