In magento2 when a customer subscribes newsletter at that time "successfully subscribe message" sent to customers. This is Default functionality of Magento2

Here I want to send the specific product in subscription mail when the customer subscribes newsletter.


You can do that by modifying vendor/magento/module-newsletter/Model::subscribe($email). You can see it is sending confirmation email using function sendConfirmationSuccessEmail(). You need to add the required product data using email variables and than update the template with your custom content/product details. You can use plugin/preference to these functions/model to achieve it in much better way.


You can also send a separate email by using Magento events like "newsletter_subscriber_save_commit_after" with required product details.

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  • Can you describe in more brief @Himmat Pallwal – Jaimin Jun 14 '17 at 5:23

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