Is there any way that I can bundle multiple SOAP API calls into a single transaction, such that if one or more fails the entire transaction is rolled back?

In my particular case, I am attempting to post a shipment and add tracking information. However if the posting of the shipment or adding tracking information fails, I would like to log the error and retry once it is resolved. This would be better than having a shipment without tracking information.

If this is not possible in the current SOAP API, I will delete the shipment upon failure. I would prefer to use a transaction though.

  • It's not possible out of the box. You could check the return value of your last SOAP call and continue your update depending on the return. – Anna Völkl Apr 3 '14 at 16:29
  • That is the kind of logic that I plan to implement, just hoping there was a better way. – Ryan Gates Apr 3 '14 at 16:33

No, this is not possible. The closest Magento comes is the call method — in the XML-RPC and V1 SOAP APIs. This method allows you to send multiple method calls in a single HTTP request. While I've never looked deeply into it, it's always been my assumption call isn't available in the V2 API since coming up with a typed WSDL for it would be impossible.

Unfortunately, call has no rollback mechanism. If you want this functionality, you'd need to write a custom extension that implements a custom API method, and then install extension into your system.

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