want to hide two tabs

I want to hide two tabs . as per theme guide i disabled them from admin pannel. disabled tabs.

It still comes on frontend.

<div class="group-title1 title-tab">
        <ul class="tabs">
                $tab_contents = $block->getTabContent() ; 

            foreach($tab_contents as $tab) {
            <li rel="tab_<?php echo $tab['id'];?>"  class="<?php if ($count==0): ?>first active<?php endif; ?>" > <?php echo $tab['name'];?></li>
                $count ++; 

This is the section in phtml which shows tabs name.

My question is how to check that weather the loop depends on admin on/off event or its just shows all the three tabs by default.

I can hide them by css but i want to debug this.

Any suggestions.

  • can you share the code of the block class for this template and system.xml of this module. The information above is not sufficient to answer the question – Pankaj Bhope Jun 3 '17 at 15:52
  • Sure , I will update my question soon, once I have access to this file again on Monday. – inrsaurabh Jun 3 '17 at 15:55

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