I just patched my dev machine with Security Patch 9767. And enabled form key on checkout from backend. Also added the form key to my custom theme. But When I tested the checkout process it freeze on billing step. I tried to log the saveBillingAction() on OnePageController.php the result is 0

Mage::log( ((int) $this->_validateFormKey() ) , null , 'custom.log' );

Any help are much appreciated.


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open your below file and add form key into it


and add below form key code into it

<?php echo $this->getBlockHtml('formkey') ?>

Solution 2

If you are not able to do this then download below patch


and apply this patch as you applied security patch and this patch will add that form key even in your custom theme's phtml file

Open following file and add following code just before </form>

<?php echo $this->getBlockHtml('formkey') ?>


All the checkout steps needs form key after installing security patch 9767 when Enable Form Key Validation On Checkout set to Yes under admin configuration.

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