I have a quite simple problem which I can't address. I've been changing Static Blocks from CMS -> Static Blocks (e.g. a Prices page).

Once I change the Block and save it, my website doesn't seem to update the page with the new changes.

Thanks a lot!


  • Clear magento cache and do index management
    – user00247
    Commented May 31, 2017 at 11:25

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Open your Magento admin panel and navigate to System -> Cache Management tab, check all Cache types and in the Actions box select Refresh, then, click Submit button.

So go to System -> Index Management and reindex all as well.


clear Magento cache:

System >> Cache Management >> check all Cache types >> Refresh Cache.

reindex all:

System >> Index Management >> reindex all

If the block is not showing then check Block Permission:

  1. System >> Permissions >> Blocks

  2. Add New Block

  3. Block Name: isfeatured/isfeatured (for example)

  4. Is Allowed : Yes

For example: Block call in cms page ->

{{block type="**isfeatured/isfeatured**" template="isfeatured/featureblock.phtml"}}

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