I know there are two tables sales_flat_order and sales_flat_order_item

but the relevant fields in sales_flat_order are:

customer_id, base_total_paid etc but no relation to product

and in the other table

order_id, product_id, but no relation to customer.

So I cant see any common field to link them.

I am trying to export 2 tables so that I can create a new database from scratch not based in magento, and I need to know what each customer ordered.

Something like this:

select product_id, customer_id
from cp8_sales_flat_order
left join cp8_sales_flat_order_item
on sales_flat_order_item.order_id = sales_flat_oder.entity_id

I am getting an error that #1054 - Unknown column 'sales_flat_order_item.order_id' in 'on clause'

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In sales_flat_order table entity_id is the primary key and you can use that to get all items in an order

Columns to look in your case

Table: sales_flat_order

| Field            |
| entity_id  (PK)  |
| customer_id      |
| base_total_paid  |

Table: sales_flat_order_item

| Field            |
| item_id  (PK)    |
| order_id (FK)    |
| product_id       |

so you need to filter orders with selected customer id from sales_flat_order then using entity_id you need join sales_order_item order_id.

  • a query like the one I have just written? I am getting an error.
    – Arminius
    May 25, 2017 at 9:27

You can directly get product details from order. First get order placed by customer and then from that order id you can get ordered products in magento.


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