How will you join flat table and EAV table in Magento?

    array('bonus' => 'mycompany/bonus'), 'product_id=entity_id',
    array('bonus_id' => 'bonus_id')

The parameters are:

public function joinTable($table, $bind, $fields = null, $cond = null, $joinType = 'inner')

Table is easy, it is the magento namespace/entity format, which you use in your configuration, resource models and the collection.

Bind means, the ON statement in your SQL

You can use an array of the format array('alias' => 'namespace/entity')

It is important to have your flat table BEFORE and your EAV table AFTER the equal sign. Don't use main_table. before the attribute. Magento will do this for you.

Fields is an array. If you use a string instead, you get this:

Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /var/www/magento- on line 775.

You can use an array of the format array('field1', 'field2', '...') or array('alias' => 'field1', '...')

Condition is a * WHERE ON condition* in the SQL.

Source: fabian-blechschmidt

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