Using MySQL Workbench I have a number of SQL queries that I use to pull all sorts of information from Magento databases (running on versions 1.7-1.9). I have to pull tracking numbers from a Magento database that is running a legacy version of Magento (1.5). Aside from Mageverse, is there another way to appropriately track the table structure differences across Magento versions? I have checked and it is hard to track down even developer notes and documentation from legacy versions.

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Afaik, the database of 1.5 should be pretty ok in most parts. The "big" break in v1.x was from 1.4 to 1.5, and I think some important customer data stuff changed from 1.5 to 1.6.

As for the tracking, you should even in v1.5 have the table sales_flat_shipment_track that keeps the tracking data. Its parent_id has a foreign key for sales_flat_shipment, which again has a foreign key in its order_id column that leads you to sales_flat_order.

Why do you use direct SQL statements after all? Just write a small module to get this information and use collections and objects. They will take care of all the database stuff.

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