I would like to use my existing Magento Template for Desktop (as it is not optimized) and want to buy a new one for Responsive. Is it possible, to have them separated? What would be the best way?


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You can do this by Magento admin. Go to System > Configuration > General > Design -> Package and Theme sections.

Click Matched Expression and this:

iPhone|iPod|BlackBerry|Palm|Googlebot-Mobile|Mobile|mobile|mobi|Windows Mobile|Safari Mobile|Android|Opera Mini

This settings will be use for detecting Mobile devices.

You can create New Package and Theme for mobile devices as shown below:

enter image description here

From above, create new Package at : \app\design\frontend\mobile_package\

and Theme at : \app\design\frontend\mobile_package\mobile\


Goto System->Configuration->General->Design and add exception theme for particular user agent

For Example for iPhone and Mobile add iPhone|Mobile in Matched Expression and add your theme for that useragent

click save and check with that particular user agent

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