I'm using the 1-click magento install from digitalocean. I downloaded a theme from templatemonster.com, added the sql database, and unzipped the theme file (fullpackage.zip) to "/app/design/frontend" as directed here. All the permissions are 770 or 775. I ran the magento command "setup:upgrade". My theme is not visible when I go to the themes section of the admin panel. Am I missing a step?

I also tried putting the theme file in several other places like /vendor/magento/.

I'm following these setup instructions from templatemonster.com


Can you check the theme contains the following folders/files please:

  • theme.xml
  • registration.php
  • media/preview.jpg
  • web/css/source
  • web/js
  • web/images
  • web/fonts

If all those files exist then try the following:

  • Clear Magento caches
  • Log out of the admin and log back in

If it still doesn't display can you provide the contents of registration.php and theme.xml please.

  • was just about to write the same thing – Vlad Patru May 18 '17 at 16:19

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