I want to remove the Gift Wrapping from order total section on the create new order screen.

enter image description here

For the same I need to override this layout file:


I tried overriding the file in this way:


However it did not help me.

I can disable the module as well by running below command:

php bin/magento module:disable Magento_Giftwrapping

However the module is dependent on other module.

Unable to change status of modules because of the following constraints:
Cannot disable Magento_GiftWrapping because modules depend on it:
Magento_Enterprise: Magento_Enterprise->Magento_GiftWrapping

What is the best possible way I can remove Gift Wrapping from order total section?

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You are doing a typo mistake.



instead of


It's Magento_GiftWrapping(Captical 'W')

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