I am working on multi store

Store > Configuration > General > Web > Session Validation Settings > Use SID on Storefront is set to "Yes" allow customer to stay logged in when switching between different stores.

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However I am not getting SID in my front end URL. Is there any way to get SID pragmatically and append to front end URL.

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I think you can get get Session from getSessionId() Using


How session is appended to url you can refer to createUrl() in


It appends throught _prepareSessionUrl()

 * Check and add session id to URL
 * @param string $url
 * @return \Magento\Framework\UrlInterface
protected function _prepareSessionUrl($url)
    if (!$this->getUseSession()) {
        return $this;
    $sessionId = $this->_session->getSessionIdForHost($url);
    if ($this->_sidResolver->getUseSessionVar() && !$sessionId) {
        $this->setQueryParam('___SID', $this->_isSecure() ? 'S' : 'U');
    } elseif ($sessionId) {
        $this->setQueryParam($this->_sidResolver->getSessionIdQueryParam($this->_session), $sessionId);
    return $this;
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Take a look at the Magento\Framework\Session\SidResolver. You can add it in DI and get current SID using the method getSid.

You can debug why your session id parameter is mised from the url inside the Magento\Framework\Url class in the useSessionIdForUrl method, where the magento checks is SID should be added to the url or not:

 * Check and return use SID for URL
 * @param bool $secure
 * @return bool
public function useSessionIdForUrl($secure = false)
    $key = 'use_session_id_for_url_' . (int)$secure;
    if (is_null($this->getData($key))) {
        $httpHost = $this->_request->getHttpHost();
        $urlHost = parse_url($this->_getScope()->getBaseUrl(UrlInterface::URL_TYPE_LINK, $secure), PHP_URL_HOST);

        if ($httpHost != $urlHost) {
            $this->setData($key, true);
        } else {
            $this->setData($key, false);
    return $this->getData($key);

SID appears in a request only when you go from one host to other host.

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