I have setup a Ratchet Server to communicate browser <-> server via a websocket. The communication is working, however it seems the Ratchet service is using one Magento/MySQL connection because after ~8 hours (session lifetime) I get an error that MySQL has gone away.

Websocket Communication Script

namespace MyApp;
use Ratchet\ConnectionInterface;
use Ratchet\Wamp\WampServerInterface;
use Mage;

class Pusher implements WampServerInterface {
 * A lookup of all the topics clients have subscribed to
protected $subscribedTopics = array();

protected $clients;

public function __construct() {
    $this->clients = new \SplObjectStorage;

public function onSubscribe(ConnectionInterface $conn, $topic) {
    $this->subscribedTopics[$topic->getId()] = $topic;

 * @param string JSON'ified string we'll receive from ZeroMQ
public function onBlogEntry($entry) {
    $entryData = json_decode($entry, true);

    // If the lookup topic object isn't set there is no one to publish to
    if (!array_key_exists($entryData['category'], $this->subscribedTopics)) {

    $topic = $this->subscribedTopics[$entryData['category']];

    // re-send the data to all the clients subscribed to that category


public function onUnSubscribe(ConnectionInterface $conn, $topic) {
public function onOpen(ConnectionInterface $conn) {
public function onClose(ConnectionInterface $conn) {
public function onCall(ConnectionInterface $conn, $id, $topic, array $params) {
    // In this application if clients send data it's because the user hacked around in console
    $conn->callError($id, $topic, 'You are not allowed to make calls')->close();
public function onPublish(ConnectionInterface $conn, $topic, $event, array $exclude, array $eligible) {
    // In this application if clients send data it's because the user hacked around in console

        $helper = Mage::getSingleton('namespace_module/websocket_communication');
        if (strpos($topic, 'request_data') !== false) {
            $helper->requestData($event, $topic);
        } else {

public function onError(ConnectionInterface $conn, \Exception $e) {

My questions are:

  1. Can I use the current session (admin/frontend) to make sure Ratchet gets a current connection each time it needs to "talk" to Magento? How would this work? (We are using Redis for session storage)
  2. If not, how can I "reopen" the connection to Magento to avoid the MySQL gone away error?

I also saw this question which looks extremely similar, but could not figure out how to implement the proposed solutions. Any tips/hints appreciated!

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At the moment the best solution I have come up with is to run a separate cron that restarts my websocket daemon every 6 hours (so it will catch it before the timeout). If anyone has another solution I would be happy to try it!

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