I was wondering if you could help me with the code that i should paste on promotion template in order to make a overlay popup window? I need to make a popup window come up when a customer puts a specific product to the cart (to let him know that if he buys an extra item, he will get a discount). Thank you very much in advance, Anna


For starters, there is an Amasty extension that provides functionality similar to what you describe: Free Gift with Purchase.

If you cannot find an extension that suits your needs, doing this manually is definitely feasible.

  • Detect that product was added to the cart. 1) Use an Observer event, or 2) inspect cart on page load with jQuery (this is not standard).

  • Reveal a template of your choice. For example, templates/custompopup/popup.phtml. Include it in the page with layout XML, or potentially your Observer could add the block programmatically.

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