What do I need to know to upload a theme or extension on the Magento Marketplace?

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Magento currently invests in ensuring high extension quality by strictly adhering to the following checks for every new extension submission request:

Business review: Ensures that each extension solves a business problem and delivers rich and unique functionality.

Tech review: Detects the presence of viruses, malware, and any indications of plagiarism. Ensures that the package meets Composer packaging and format requirements along with all coding standards.

Marketing review: Verifies that all documentation and appropriate information is provided for each extension.

Magento Marketplace


https://magento.com/blog/technical/improvements-magento%E2%80%99s-extension-quality-program http://www.magenerds.com/2016/07/10/setting-up-magento-2-on-docker/ http://docs.magento.com/marketplace/user_guide/extensions/extension-quality-program.html http://docs.magento.com/marketplace/user_guide/getting-started-seller.html

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