Magento 1.9 transfer from one server to another,as follow all steps such as(all file transfer, database import, change URL in database, database name change in .XML file and last clear cash), after that when we refresh webpage than automatically start fresh Magento installation process. so please help me!, what can i do?enter image description here

magento store after move other domain

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Usually if Magento goes to a fresh installation screen it points to a missing or unreadable app/etc/local.xml. This file is responsible for the database connection and cache setting, if one is not found Magento assumes this is a fresh setup.

I'd make sure app/etc/local.xml exists and is readable by the server (Is correctly chown'd and is under 644 for chmod, example commands below)

sudo chown www-data:www-data app/etc/local.xml

sudo chmod 644 app/etc/local.xml

  • local.xml = 644 same problem accrued check above images Commented May 12, 2017 at 3:45

You can try below methods: 1. Check DB and its permission with the db user 2. Debug by changing the db name in the local.xml and then you will see the report error and just check that error inside var/report directory.

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