I am getting below message

Notice: Undefined index: title in Unknown on line 0
#0 /var/www/html/projects/humblechic/vendor/magento/module-integration/Helper/Data.php(24)

on clicking Add New Integration under System -> Integrations.

How I can debug this to find out exact reason for this.
I have gone through few articles and came to know that it is due to missing title in any of the modules acl.xml
I want to know exactly which module's acl.xml file missing the title tag.
Is there any way other than turning off the module one by one and check.

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Go into that file


and add add

if(empty($resource['title'])){ print_r($resource);die;}

inside foreach

  public function mapResources(array $resources)
    $output = [];
    foreach ($resources as $resource) {
        $item = [];
        $item['attr']['data-id'] = $resource['id'];
        $item['data'] = $resource['title'];
        $item['children'] = [];
        if (isset($resource['children'])) {
            $item['state'] = 'open';
            $item['children'] = $this->mapResources($resource['children']);
        $output[] = $item;
    return $output;

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