Why are duplicate product entries are exported from a magento 2 install that's data was migrated from magento 1?

The duplicate entries of products don't have names and some other attributes but they have a store_view_code.

The correct products, with all attributes don't have a store_view_code set. Probably global scope.

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Magento 2 considers single product as multiple products on the basis of it's store_view_code.

For example let's assume you are having two stores in Magento on the basis of languages let's suppose store with English language has store_view_code= en & store with Spanish language has store_view_code = es so Magento will have three entries of your products with three different store_view_code

  1. Entry with blank store_view_code that is your default product entry.

  2. Entry with store_view_code = en that is the product entry for your English store.

  3. Entry with store_view_code = es that is the product entry for your English store.

It is use full to have this different entries for the different store_view because with the help of this you can have different name of your single product as per the language of your store. You can add different meta-key-words & meta-description to make your product & website S.E.O. friendly & you also can have different images for your product as base, thumbnail, swatches image.

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