Something happened and customers are getting the following Error when clicking on the CHECK-OUT button:

The www.mySITE.com page isn’t working

www.mySITE.com is currently unable to handle this request.

I suspect this has to do with some kind of an upgrade I bet my hosting provider (HostForWeb) did.

What are the correct versions (requirements) of pHp, mySQL and Apache for Magento

Any other ideas as to what might be causing this?

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This is a server error. if you have a developer store, please go to index.php under your root magento store and enable developer mode. Just paste this code after line 72 Mage::setIsDeveloperMode(true); and uncomment ini_set('display_errors', 1); if it is commented. Then you are able to view the error and can research for it on google or can comment here.

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    Thank you - that helped. We ended up changing the 'memory_limit = 32M' to 'memory_limit = 512M' in: /opt/cpanel/ea-php55/root/etc/php.d/local.ini
    – Allysin
    May 10, 2017 at 0:30

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