I only set my shipping method to free shipping and only for one specific country like this:

enter image description here

but the problem is this shipping method won't appear if the country value already selected first when the checkout page load, but if i refresh the page the free shipping method will appear, but if i change the country to another country and change back to the original country the shipping method won't appear unless i don't fill the postal code.

with postal code :

enter image description here

without postal code:

enter image description here

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    What is your default country in Admin >> Stores >> Configuration >> General >> General >> Country Options >> Default Country ? May 5 '17 at 7:17
  • @SHPatel Australia May 5 '17 at 7:21
  • have u check the log files?
    – Amit Bera
    May 5 '17 at 7:43
  • @AmitBera yes there's no error May 5 '17 at 7:58
  • Do you get any console log errors?
    – Rebel
    May 5 '17 at 22:29

I am sure you have found a solution already but this is for others that may come across the same issue.

I was playing around with table rate shipping and had changed the store view Default Config to Main Website in order to upload the shipping rate csv file. I must have changed the free shipping rate then from enabled Yes to No.

Click system value on Free shipping to fix the issue.

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