In the module A I need to get some data from file config.xml of modules B and C. Are there any methods or classes dedicated for this?

Especialy I need to get XML structure and values of node <default> so that I can restore default values of system configuration of modules B and C. Below is example from config.xml of Wishlist module:


As far as I know Magento loads config.xml files of all modules, so I was wondering maybe this data is already cached and can be retrieved from cache somehow? If not, how to retrieve it programaticaly?

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You can get a certain node from the config like this.

$value = Mage::getConfig()->getNode('default/wishlist/general/active');

this should retrive the value of

            <active>1</active> <!-- this value -->

The problem is that it does not retrieve the value from a specific file. it gets the value from the merged config.

If you want values from a specific file, do this.

$configFile = Mage::getConfig()->getModuleDir('etc', 'Mage_Wishlist').DS.'config.xml';
$string = file_get_contents($configFile);
$xml = simplexml_load_string($string, 'Varien_Simplexml_Element');

You will have in the $xml variable the loaded xml file and your can use xpath to find a specific node.

  • The value could be retrieved from the DB if it is defined in the column path in core_config_data, too. But only in the XML's config files (this are the defaults) Jul 21, 2017 at 22:38

You can access the config.xml of any module through Mage::getConfig. All XMLs are merged into one string so you can't really specify the exact module but you can filter on tags path.

$default_xml = Mage::getConfig()

You might need to add a dependency in module A on module B and C to make sure their config.xml is loaded when you're executing above code.

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