I have VPS 8cpu, 16gb ram. php-fpm+Redis+po full page cache

Sometimes multiple php processes appearing and not finishing. Eating cpu each one of them. Almost %100 cpu usage. Memory is below %10

I activated maintanance mode. maintenance.flag is active. Web site is not online.

I restarted php-fpm

Processes stopped, after couple of minutes started again and still continue.

When I activate magento Server is not stucked, I can reach whm and ssh but magento is sooo slow.

How can I find what is working? Or which script is working?

  • use strace -p xxxxxx or lsof -p xxxxx where xxxxx is php-fpm pid number, you will see whats going on there
    – MagenX
    Commented Apr 29, 2017 at 17:29
  • @MagenX thank you. I can see details of products via lsof. What about exact magento process? I am reading about magento profiler but when I saw on forums I dont like it. Which script is best for checking magento errors?
    – hakan
    Commented Apr 29, 2017 at 20:37

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Yes, I found a solution.

1- Configurable swatches was problem. There was loop as a core problem of magento.

I fixed as below. Speed x 5


I changed below file


2- Second problem was featured and New products fall on homepage. I was choosen all products for showing homepage. Script was trying to work for all products per visitor. That was the reason of Apache stucks.

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