I am using magento community version the issue I am facing is that the Grand total block in the order confirmation email is not being displayed. Can anyone please help me out.. thanks in advance..


Go to


Copy to


Then add the new variables below line 1346:

'order' => $this,
'billing' => $this->getBillingAddress(),
'payment_html' => $paymentBlockHtml,
// Adds Subtotal to email (don't forget to add the comma above this line)
 'subtotal' => number_format($this->getSubtotal(), 2),
 // Adds Discount to email 
 'discount' => number_format($this->getDiscountAmount(), 2),
 // Adds Grand Total to email (don't forget to remove the comma at the end of this line)
 'total' => number_format($this->getGrandTotal(), 2)

The additional lines will format to two decimal places.

Add the variables to your Transactional Email template:

${{var subtotal}}
${{var discount}}
${{var total}}

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