There's a column called increment_id in customer_address_entity. Is this used for anything?


Magento gives you the option to generate Human Friendly IDs for customer accounts. It's disabled by default. If you want to enable this feature, you can go to: Stores > Configuration > Customers > Customers Configuration > Create New Account Options and set Generate Human-Friendly Customer ID to Yes. That will generate Increment IDs for customer accounts.

  • I don't see increment_id getting populated with that option turned on for addresses (works for customer records). – musicliftsme Apr 26 '17 at 16:40
  • Hmm... sorry, I thought you meant for the customer account. I've used that option before for the account. – user12795 Apr 26 '17 at 16:45

I've come to the conclusion that customer_address_entity.increment_id serves no purpose.


Just an addition to the answer by the original author:

The increment_id serves no purpose at the moment, but can easily be transformed to a working one (although I see no business case for this). In the column eav_entity_type, just add an increment_model for the entity customer_address. Then add an observer for customer_address_save_before and call that model to generate a new increment_id.

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