Guest user enters details and click on "submit" to register. It's working fine for below code :

<form action="<?php echo $this->getUrl('example/amasty/create1'........> 

Here we are using the following controller action : getUrl('example/amasty/create1

Instead of this, if we change the controller as below and change the form, then the registration is not working anymore.

<form action="<?php echo $this->getUrl('example/amasty/createSimpleProductAndRedirect1'....>


public function createSimpleProductAndRedirect1Action()
        $originalProductId = $this->getRequest()->getParam("id");
        $newImagePath      = $this->getRequest()->getParam("image");
        $originalProduct   = Mage::getModel('catalog/product')->setStoreId(Mage::app()->getStore()->getId())->load($originalProductId);

        if ($product = $this->_create1(Mage_Catalog_Model_Product_Type::TYPE_SIMPLE, true, $originalProduct, $newImagePath)) {
            $this->getResponse()->setBody(Mage::helper('core')->jsonEncode("Your Image Saved"));

protected function _create1Action()

Here we replaced controller action to example/amasty/createSimpleProductAndRedirect1



Fatal error: Call to undefined method Amasty_Example_AmastyController::_create1()` in 

if ($product = $this->_create1(Mage_Catalog_Model_Product_Type::TYPE_SIMPLE, true, $originalProduct, $newImagePath))

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Just rename _create1Action to _create1 and that'll fix your issue.

NB: try to avoid using numbers in method names for good practice ;)


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