I need to override the default vendor/magento/module-layered-navigation/view/frontend/templates/layer/view.phtml. I am attempting to add the proper file structure to my theme but cannot get it to pick up the files in my theme.
I am using Magento_Layered-Navigation as the directory name and have tried a couple variations of it, but cannot get the correct naming convention.
Caching is off and i have been reloading my browser with empty cache and hard-reload ever time.
Any suggestions on what I am missing?


Turns out to be a simple solution. The directory naming structure just needed to be Magento_LayeredNavigation. Files are now being picked up.

  • Just came across this question but yes, replace all hypens (-) with camel case when copying over for the Vendor_ModuleName convention.
    – Eirik
    Apr 26 '17 at 5:05

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