If I install the npm project and grunt config that ships with Magento 2 -- I'm able to run commands like

grunt clean
grunt clean:var

However, if I run grunt --help

Grunt: The JavaScript Task Runner (v0.4.5)

/* ... */
Available tasks
 black-list-generator  Custom task.                                            
     clean-black-list  Custom task.                                            
               deploy  Custom task.                                            
          mage-minify  Minify files with a various compressor engines *        
               static  Custom task.                                            
              default  Custom task.                                            
                 prod  Custom task.                                            
              refresh  Custom task.                                            
        documentation  Alias for "replace:documentation", "less:documentation",
                       "usebanner:documentationHtml", "clean:var", "clean:pub" 
         legacy-build  Alias for "mage-minify:legacy" task.                    
                 spec  Custom task.                                            

/* ... */

The clean task does not show in the list of avaiable tasks.

Why is this? Is clean not a task? If not, what is it? If so, is there a way to get a full task list?

A shorter version of this question: What's the deal with grunt?

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Grunt is configuration oriented task runner, which means that you can create just a config and it will be automatically converted to a task, which apparently seems to be ignored by --help flag, to your convenience ofc :)

To help you get how Grunt works. You have to combine all these files and directories to get the full image of available tasks:

  • Gruntfile.js - that's the main file
  • dev/tools/grunt/tasks - tasks itself
  • dev/tools/grunt/configs - config files which are taken as tasks (both JS and JSON)
  • dev/tools/grunt/tools - helpers functions

PS. Yes, I hate Grunt so much.

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