I'm working on a module where I need to save the records based on the scope of website and store. For that I need to have the select box as its in the system->configuration.

website configuration scope - magento

How can I get that select box in my form and save the website/store value in database so that it can be displayed in the specific store/website? Any suggestions on it?

Now I'm trying it breaking into two fields -> website and store. Now, how can I change the options in store based on the website selected?


Finally, I'd written my own code for this.

    $scope = array('default' => 'default');
    foreach (Mage::app()->getWebsites() as $website) {
        $scope['website_' . $website->getCode()] = $website->getName();
        foreach ($website->getGroups() as $group) {
            $stores = array();
            foreach ($group->getStores() as $store) {
                $stores[] = array(
                    'label' => $store->getName(),
                    'value' => 'store_' . $store->getCode()
            $scope[] = array(
                'label' => $website->getName(),
                'value' => $stores
    $fieldset->addField('website', 'select', array(
        'label' => Mage::helper('designer')->__('Website'),
        'name' => 'website',
        'values' => $scope

Thanks to this post by Marius

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