When running the composer install command the www/dev/tools/grunt/configs/themes.js file is being overwritten and removing the config for my custom theme. When searching online I came across the following GitHub issue:


See below the changes I tried based on the issue above:

  1. Copy www/dev/tools/grunt/configs/themes.js to www/dev/tools/grunt/configs/local-themes.js and specify the custom theme as so:

module.exports = { custom_theme: { area: 'frontend', name: 'Custom/theme', locale: 'en_GB', files: [ 'css/styles-m', 'css/styles-l', 'css/petlandia', 'css/email', 'css/email-inline' ], dsl: 'less' }, }

  1. Rename grunt-config.json.sample -> grunt-config.json.

This method so far hasn't worked and the custom theme can not be found when running grunt exec:custom_theme. Is there anyway I can extend the themes.js file so that when running composer install or composer update my custom theme config is not removed?


Make sure you have the latest Gruntfile.js.sample and grunt-config.js.sample from the repo and run

cp Gruntfile.js{.sample,}
cp grunt-config.js{.sample,}

That takes care of actually loading your renamed themes configuration.

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