I have a collection of associated products of a configurable product. I want to get category for this products. The categories are assigned to their parent product(Configurable Product) and not to the simple products which I have.

I am using below code to add category_id to my collection

    'e.entity_id = catalog_category_product.product_id',

It works but for associated products, it shows NULL, I want to check if there is Null value for category_id then use category_id of its Parent Product.

Does anyone have any idea how to get categories from parent product using an SQL query?

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You can use below query to get parent product category id if there is no category assigned to associated products.

'e.entity_id = catalog_category_product.product_id',
(SELECT `catalog_category_product`.`category_id` FROM `catalog_product_super_link` 
LEFT JOIN `catalog_category_product` ON `catalog_category_product`.`product_id` = `catalog_product_super_link`.`parent_id` 
where `catalog_product_super_link`.`product_id` = `e`.`entity_id` 
GROUP BY `catalog_product_super_link`.`product_id`))'));

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