Shouldn't the eav_entity_attribute table be updated when you run magento indexer:reindex or is it generated by something else? The reason I ask is that the table was corrupted during data migration and it is causing multiple issues on the site.

I tried to empty the table (after taking a backup) and then run reindex. Nothing appeared in the table. There doesn't seem to be anything relevant in any of the logs.


EAV tables are not updated when reindex is run. The "eav_entity_attribute" table stores the group and attribute set of all attributes. What data or what attributes are corrupted?

  • During migration quite a bit of data has been corrupted. We have manually fixed product attribute sets where fields displayed in create/edit product didn't match the attribute set as it was shown in stores->attribute sets. At the moment the problem is Categories. When we create or edit a category all the fields are correctly shown, but they are not saved. It looks to me like the form is getting the data from a different table than the save function. Also it looks like eav_entity_attribute table could in theory be created from processing other tables Apr 21 '17 at 7:24

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