Let's assume that I have module A and B. Second(B) one depends on the first(A) one how can I prepare them for Magento Marketplace?

For one module it's easy I just zip it and place it in Marketplace also while doing that Magento has option to add packages? Is this a solution for dependent modules?


In composer.json, you can write dependency as follows.

"require": {

Where tecnickcom/tcpdf is another module on which your module depends.

But to know value like tecnickcom/tcpdf, we need to refer installation or user guide of that another module in marketplace. So we may not able to get it for all modules.

  • Can this be done by package not extension. I'm asking because at some point I don't want to keep ale functionalities as modules and I don't want to keep them in external repos like github etc.?
    – Marceli Po
    Apr 20 '17 at 12:04

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