I'm new to Magento2 API, I'm trying to retrieve credit memo based on order ID, but it seems to fail to retrieve. Any ideas how to get the credit memo data?

$credit_memo = $orderCollection->getCreditmemosCollection();

foreach ($credit_memo->getAllItems() as $item) {
    $result['items'] = $item->getData();

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I assume that $orderCollection is a collection of orders and not an order.
in this case you need to loop through it and retrieve the credit memos for each order.

foreach ($orderCollection as $order) {
    $creditMemos = $order->getCreditmemosCollection();
    foreach ($creditMemos as $creditMemo) { //go through all the credit memos for the current order.
        //do something with $creditMemo here
        foreach ($creditMemos->getAllItems() as $item) { //get all credit memo items if needed
            //do something with $item.

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