I am trying to import reviews to our Magento 1.9V, so after finishing I noticed that stars aren't showing on product. I used this module to import reviews, also I edit extension to import stars in my custom rating option. And after I dig deep I found that:

1- In the Admin area:

Summary Rating isn't Available

enter image description here

2- In the database product is exist in review table.

3-In the database product is not exist in rating_option_vote_aggregated table.

So how we can re-aggregated value of imported review?

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I fix this matter a while a go, and here is what I did in /Model/Convert/Adapter/Reviewimport.php:

public function saveRow(array $data)
    $product_id = $data['entity_id'];
    if ($product_id) {
        if ($data['customer_id'] == '') {
            $customerid = NULL;
        else {
            $customerid = $data['customer_id'];
        $_review = Mage::getModel('review/review')
        if ($data['option_id']) {
                ->addOptionVote($data['review_score'], $product_id);

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