Goodnight, I updated the model Price.phtml that handles the prices of the bundled products. My need is to add a surplus price on regular prices based on a custom attribute (supplementoprezzo). The bundle is Dynamic. This is the function interested:

public function getSelectionFinalTotalPrice ($bundleProduct, $selectionProduct, $bundleQty, $selectionQty, $multiplyQty = true, $takeTierPrice = true)

$attribute = $bundleProduct->getResource()->getAttribute('supplementoprezzo');
$supplementoprezzo = $attribute_value = $attribute ->getFrontend()->getValue($bundleProduct); 

if (is_null($selectionQty)) {
    $selectionQty = $selectionProduct->getSelectionQty();

if ($bundleProduct->getPriceType() == self::PRICE_TYPE_DYNAMIC) {

    $price = $selectionProduct->getFinalPrice($takeTierPrice ? $selectionQty : 1);

} else {
    if ($selectionProduct->getSelectionPriceType()) { // percent
        $product = clone $bundleProduct;
            array('product' => $product, 'qty' => $bundleQty)
        $price = ($product->getData('final_price')) * ($selectionProduct->getSelectionPriceValue() / 100);

    } else { // fixed
        $price = $selectionProduct->getSelectionPriceValue();
$price = $this->getLowestPrice($bundleProduct, $price, $bundleQty);

if ($multiplyQty) {
    $price *= $selectionQty;

$price += $supplementoprezzo;
return $price;

The last two lines are the lines affected: the variable $supplementoprezzo is a float number. The problem (and the odd thing) is that if I enter a number like this:

$price += 2.50;
return $price;

everythink works like a charme.. Instead summing the variable (which also is a number)

$price += $supplementoprezzo;
return $price;

the final price of the bundle is not updated with the surplus value. I tried with various casting for the variable (float, floatval number_format, etc) .... nothing. Any suggestions?

Thank you


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Solved, the problem was that retrivieng attribute "supplementoprezzo" this way:

$attribute = $bundleProduct->getResource()->getAttribute('supplementoprezzo');
$supplementoprezzo = $attribute_value = $attribute ->getFrontend()->getValue($bundleProduct); 

was not recognized in cart controller.

This is the right way:

$productId = $bundleProduct->getId();
$bundleProduct = Mage::getModel('catalog/product')->load($productId);
$supplementoprezzo =  $bundleProduct->getData('supplementoprezzo');
$_bcbbMaxQty =  $bundleProduct->getData('bcbb_maximum_qty');
$supplementoprezzo = ($supplementoprezzo/$_bcbbMaxQty);
$supplementoprezzo = number_format($supplementoprezzo, 2, '.', '');

Then this at the end made the magic:

if ($supplementoprezzo>0) {
    $price = $supplementoprezzo + $price;

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