I need some help with my small but annoying problem.

While testing my new Magento website, I realised that in my contact page the SUBMIT button is not showing, and so the contact form can not be sent

I have tried with Safari, Chrome, Firefox all the same...

Please check it here: http://www.stampaoffsetonline.com/weprint/contacts/

How can I solve this problem?

Any indication would be very much appreciated

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You have css issue,

Submit button background color is transparent.so it deos not visible

Add this css on css file

.contacts-index-index .buttons-set .button { background: #3072b3}

Open skin/frontend/printshop/default/css/template.css goto line 451 this css property background: #3072b3

  • Hi Amit, Thank you for your help. It worked!!!
    – ikarogia
    Apr 17, 2017 at 14:40

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