I am working on magento 1.9

My requirement based on which payment method user use to make payment,

Status should change Automatically

Cash on delivery - when user place an order cash on delivery

Online Payment Received - when you through payment online, when the status is successful

Online Payment Failed - when the parameter does not match or any error from the payment gateway

Online Payment Cancelled - when user close the payment page or cancel the payment on their own

Cancelled - when user cancel the order from my account

I have had use magento inbuilt feature to change status and assign it to state, with system > order statuses. but the state new only describe the 'new order', i want to create state which tells order as 'new with payment method'

Please guide.

Regards Lalit

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Dont find any solution though, But got a method for Cash on delivery and Online Payment Statuses.

If a user Selects Cash on delivery method, It uses Magento Default CASH on Delivery Method

enter image description here

Here on This Method we have an option to Add default status when new order arrives through this method, So we create a status from Magento backend by navigating through admin panel->system->Order Statuses or from this method, and assign the status as default status for new orders through this method,

Same thing Applies with Online Payment Process:

Now when it comes to Online Payment Failed and Online Payment Cancelled, How do i get to know how the payment got cancelled, Any Idea?

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