i face strange issue using advance search filter. When i select multiselect from advance search they


enter image description here

when apply search url bocome like this.


they show desire result.

enter image description here

when i set page limit.

enter image description here

then url become like

{baseUrl}/catalogsearch/advanced/?an_material_class%255B0%255D=27337 like this

enter image description here

i think there some bug in url encoding. if any one have face this issue let me. help will b appreciated thanks in advance

  • is this a custom module which creates this URL for advance search on select filter?
    – R T
    Commented Apr 13, 2017 at 9:22

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This is bug in default Magento it is not url encode issue it is javascript issue you can fixed is simply by changing.


on line 85




 onchange="window.location.href =this.value" 

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