I have some data on front-end , which I want to show on specific days in the calendar. I got this code to show the calendar on the front end .

      $a = 'some text';
      $b = 'some other text'

<div id="xxx" name="xxx"></div>
 ], function($){
          buttonText:"<?php echo __('Select Date') ?>",

Can any one guide , how to customize calendar days to show data on the calendar.Or is it more advisable to use an external calendar plugin??


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Please try with below code, I hope it will work for you.

        inputField: "delivery_date",
        ifFormat: "%d/%m/%Y",
        showsTime: false,
        button: "delivery_date",
        align: "Bl",
        singleClick : true,
        dateText: 'specific days'

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