I've created a custom model named "Post". It has some fields: a title and a content. How to make these fields translatable?

More detailed question:

The Magento 2 way to translate ? products / categories is the following : from the back-office, in a product / category edit page, you have to switch from your default language store view to a localized store view (for example: French Store View to English Store View), then edit the fields you want to translate, then save your product.

How to reproduce this behavior on my custom model?

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Implement your model as EAV model and use the store_id column of the attribute tables to save store specific values.

The devdocs don't seem to have a chapter for creating custom EAV models yet, but there are some other resources:

Code generator

(others exist but none I am aware of that can create EAV models)

Video tutorial

Relevant Stack Exchange questions


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