I'm just getting started with the Magento CMS and I am not sure that it can do what I need right know. I need to include some custom javascript in every pages of my site :

  • One line of js code in <head>
  • At the end of the body a remote script like : <script src="https://..." type="text/javascript"></script> followed by some inline js.

I have seen other answer on this topic but nothing would really fit this particular requirement. Is it even possible to do something like this with magento ? (I am using Magento 2.1.5)

Thanks guys

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I managed to solve this myself. I was looking for something complex but this is in fact pretty easy.

  1. Access the admin dashboard and authentificate
  2. In content -> Design -> Configuration, Select the store you want to add your script into and select Edit
  3. For the head part, just past the code into HTML Head -> Scripts and Style Sheets
  4. For the body part just past the code into Footer -> Miscalleneous HTML
  5. Click Save Configuration
  6. In System -> Tools -> Cache Management. Select all items and Submit a Refresh
  7. Finally browse to your website and open the developer console to be sure that your js is loaded.

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