I want to use a remote host for my magento 2. the problem is even if I have set the host to remote in env.php, it is still using localhost. it seems the value for the host is just ignored.

   array (
    'model' => 'mysql4',
    'engine' => 'innodb',
    'initStatements' => 'SET NAMES utf8;',
    'host' => 'my_remote_host',
    'dbname' => 'my_db',
    'username' => 'my_username',
    'password' => 'my_password',
    'active' => '1',

I have cleared the cache by using.

  php bin/magento cache:flush

I have cleared the cache in browser too. It looks like my Magento 2 is simply ignore the value i set to the Host in env.php and keep using localhost as default.

  • Remove var directory once and test it in private mode of browser. Apr 11, 2017 at 9:22
  • Change file permission, Please check you file permission Apr 11, 2017 at 9:24
  • I have deleted everything in var folder, and clear cache in browser, same problem. The value I set to Host in env.php is simply ignored. and it is keep using localhost as default. Apr 11, 2017 at 9:29

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here you can see working configuration of env.php.

return array ( ...
'db' => array ( 'table_prefix' => '', 'connection' => array ( 'default' => array ( 'host' => 'mysql56.sty', 'dbname' => '***', 'username' => '***', 'password' => '***', 'active' => '1', ), ), ), 'resource' => array ( 'default_setup' => array ( 'connection' => 'default', ), ),
... );

This file works fine at my local installation.


I found out why, it was because in Magento 2. if you have typed in a wrong remote host, which was in my case. then localhost will be using.

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