On the cart page ("/checkout/cart"), the link to "proceed to checkout" is a with an onclick = window.location that sets the next page. Why is this?

More specifically, is there any risk introduced if I change this to an anchor tag with href = to the getCheckouturl?

This is probably common knowledge, but I could not find insight anywhere else.


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There may be a canonical answer, but my best guess is for the following reasons:

  • Semantics. The button is displayed as a clickable button, therefore the logical HTML element to use is a button.

  • Button 'disabling' becomes possible. By using a button type when the button is disabled (disabled="disabled" attribute), the onclick will not fire. This makes it possible to prevent checkout if some condition has not been satisfied. See an example fiddle here.

  • Javascript is required by Magento in order for the site to function - disable Javascript and you will see a warning from a noscript tag. Providing a button which will only redirect if JS enabled effectively prevents customers from entering the checkout without the ability to proceed.

Is there any risk in using an anchor tag? Not at all. Make sure that you generate the href, however, with the getCheckoutUrl method.

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