How to display breadcrumbs on custom phtml page in magento 1?

How to define breadcrumbs in layout xml or config file of custom module?

Please give me suggestion.


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You can add breadcrumbs from your custom index controller action. Reference code is below.

public function IndexAction() {      
  $this->getLayout()->getBlock("head")->setTitle($this->__("Magento Developer"));  /* add your page title */
        $breadcrumbs = $this->getLayout()->getBlock("breadcrumbs");
  $breadcrumbs->addCrumb("home", array(
            "label" => $this->__("Home Page"),
            "title" => $this->__("Home Page"),
            "link"  => Mage::getBaseUrl()

  $breadcrumbs->addCrumb("magento_developer", array(       /* add css class */
            "label" => $this->__("Magento Developer"),
            "title" => $this->__("Magento Developer")



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