Unfortunately, the profiler is not outputting data on my own controller actions, but those (including how magento comes to execute this action) I would like to profile.

Is there a code I can run in the end of my action to output the collected profiler data?


I found the solution via that answer: Varien_Profiler and _redirect in Adminhtml

Since the link didn't work anymore, I used archive.org's wayback machine.

Here the code:

    $timers = Varien_Profiler::getTimers();
    $out = "\n";
    foreach ($timers as $name=>$timer) {
        $sum = Varien_Profiler::fetch($name,'sum');
        $count = Varien_Profiler::fetch($name,'count');
        $realmem = Varien_Profiler::fetch($name,'realmem');
        $emalloc = Varien_Profiler::fetch($name,'emalloc');
        if ($sum<.0010 && $count<10 && $emalloc<10000) {
        $out .= number_format($sum,4)."\t".$count."\t".$name."\n";
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